Break The Cycle of Postpartum Period Stigma with Easy. Period

Break The Cycle of Postpartum Period Stigma with Easy. Period and (nsfmg) See Special Offer Below Hey Mom Group, “I have a question for the group: [my] first postpartum period —  it caught me totally off guard and I wasn’t ready! It felt like the end of a liminal period that I was very attached to. I floundered around thinking … Read More

Resources for Birth and Postpartum

Resources for Birth and Postpartum by Not Safe For Mom Group This is our list of go-to resources for everything pregnancy, birth, and postpartum. Thank you to Sara Lyon of Glow Birth + Body for your amazing recommendations! Click on the links to learn more. Birth Doulas:Ceridwen Morris – New York City Childbirth Preparation, Birth Doula & New Parent SupportChantal … Read More

Virtual Motherhood Circle: Quarantine + The Postpartum Cocoon (VIDEO)

Virtual Motherhood Circle: Quarantine + The Postpartum Cocoon (VIDEO) Today, we came together in a virtual motherhood circle talking about the ways in which this time of quarantine feels similar to the the postpartum period of motherhood. We took live questions from attendees (via chat), providing insight, and a clinical context with which to think about some of these often … Read More

Pelvic Floor Pain: Where to Find Support

pelvic floor dysfunction help

Pelvic Floor Pain: Where to Find Support by Alexis Barad-Cutler When I was pregnant with my first son, I half-committed to doing regular Kegel exercises. I mainly wanted to be able to joke with my friends that I was doing my part (by strengthening my vaginal walls) to “keep the flames alive” after my baby would inevitably, upon birth, destroy … Read More

What Do You Do With a Birth Story? (Recap + VIDEO)

what do you do with a birth story? (Recap + VIDEO) On a rainy evening on February 10th, Not Safe for Mom Group (nsfmg) gathered at The Wild, Brooklyn to process and unpack feelings that we have around our own birth stories in a safe space, guided by professionals in the birth and motherhood community. Back in January, when I … Read More

Real, Raw, Unedited Birth Stories

Someone ashamed of Birthstory

The Birth Stories We Didn’t See On Instagram by Alexis Barad-Cutler When we posted on Stories about birth trauma and birth stories, it brought on a deluge of feelings — from regret, to guilt, to confusion, to anger and ambivalence. One thing that the stories all have in common: an urgency to be told, and for someone to hear them. … Read More

The Day I Gave Birth Was Not The “Best Day Of My Life”

nsfmg not safe for mom group featured image blog post the day I gave birth was not the best day of my life

Some people describe the day of their child’s birth as being one of their most cherished, happy memories. My experience? Let’s just say there are a few reasons my first born son’s birth is something that won’t make my top ten list: