How I Became a Microdosing Mommy

How I Became a Microdosing Mommy And Why Cannabis is My Parenting Survival Tool for COVID-19 By Claudia Ossa Before you finish painting your picture of the type of person who wrote this piece. . . pause. My parents weren’t hippies, and I am not a Dead fan (because marrying one, does not make you one). Jam bands are not … Read More

Poplar and (nsfmg): Cannabis and Motherhood (RECAP)

poplar and (nsfmg): cannabis and motherhood (RECAP) by Brianna Logan for (nsfmg) Tuesday, September 24, 20196:00 PM – 8:00 PM On September 24, Not Safe for Mom Group (nsfmg) and Poplar collaborated for a discussion on women’s health and cannabis advocacy, through the lens of motherhood. Our panel included doula, author, and co-founder of Carriage House Birth Lindsay Bliss, Tanya … Read More

Parents After Bedtime

image of woman exhaling smoke

We’ve all seen the Friday night parenting memes. The couch, the wine, your partner at the opposite end of the couch, the remote, and (of course), the NETFLIX.