Wishful Weaning

Wishful Weaning by Alexis Barad-Cutler This post was originally featured on Motherly (formerly Well Rounded) on October 14, 2015. I feel stupid for even bringing this up again, because you guys, I have been talking about ending this breastfeeding thing since like, ten years ago. Ok, maybe just for the past six months, but still. We are STILL nursing with no end in … Read More

A Year’s Worth of Pumped Milk Nearly Lost . . .

A Year’s Worth of Pumped Milk Nearly Lost . . . but not her support from the motherhood community By Julian Jamie Alessandroni Late Monday evening, Not Safe For Mom Group (nsfmg) founder, and moderator Alexis Barad-Cutler received an anonymous letter in her Inbox from a Nashville, Tennessee-based mom, who had suffered a loss to which many of us can … Read More

Excerpt from “Sabbatical”

nsfmg not safe for mom group blog post Excerpt from "Sabbatical"

It was the pumping. Dirty diapers, sleep deprivation, the stretch marks — none of it bothered her quite like the pumping.