I Had Gender Disappointment: It Didn’t Last Forever

I Had Gender Disappointment: It Didn’t Last Forever A Personal Story From (nsfmg) Founder Alexis Barad-Cutler My kids ask me every once in a while to tell me about the day they were born, and what I was thinking they “would be” before I saw them each for the first time. (We had chosen not to know their assigned sexes … Read More

What Do You Do With a Birth Story? (Recap + VIDEO)

what do you do with a birth story? (Recap + VIDEO) On a rainy evening on February 10th, Not Safe for Mom Group (nsfmg) gathered at The Wild, Brooklyn to process and unpack feelings that we have around our own birth stories in a safe space, guided by professionals in the birth and motherhood community. Back in January, when I … Read More

Birth Trauma From A C-Section

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It wasn’t so much the fact of the cesarean-section itself that was traumatic — it was everything I didn’t know about it going in, and everything that happened immediately after.