We Need More Photos of Moms Who Bottle Feed

Celebrating All The Ways Our Community Feeds Their Babies

by (nsfmg)

Last week on Mom Group, after a prompt from an email via an Anonymous Poster, we realized we need to be more inclusive of parents who bottle feed in our imagery. Our community strives to celebrate all the ways that we feed our babies — and to use imagery that reflects the values of its members. And it is true — if we don’t also include images of babies drinking from bottles (whether its formula or pumped milk, or a combination) — we are not fully representing our community. A request for *personal photos was met with an enthusiastic response, as well as messages from moms who expressed why they don’t have many (or any) photos of their babies with their bottles. See the quotes, and click through the gallery below to see some adorable (nsfmg) babies and their parents connecting and bonding during feedings.

“I never took a photo of my baby bottle-feeding because I was embarrassed! I’d make sure there were no bottles/formula ect. in EVERY photo.” – C.

“It’s crazy that I only have one or two pics of me feeding my daughter. I don’t have pics of anyone feeding her really. I remember feeling very self-conscious that she was drinking formula. – M.

“This series has made me realize that I have almost no photos of me bottle feeding my daughter when she was a baby. Like . . . 3 photos. There are probably more somewhere (maybe my husband took some?) but I don’t know where/don’t really have access to them.” – M.

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  1. This post is so refreshing and brought me to tears. I had such a hard time breastfeeding my son, that we switched to bottle feeding early on to get his weight back up. We used a combination of formula and pumped milk for almost 5 months. I gave up exclusive pumping, eventually, for my own well being. He’s now a happy and healthy 6 month old who drinks solely formula and dabbling in some solids. I felt like such a failure early on and the guilt still creeps in every now and then. Seeing other moms going what I have, makes me feel more “normal” and solidifies that we are in this journey together. Thank you thank you for this outlet! You are really making a difference 🙂

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