Connection Through Radical Vulnerability – Going Beyond (Podcast)

radical vulnerability and motherhood

Connection Through Radical Vulnerability – Going Beyond (Podcast)

This post was originally featured on on October 9, 2019.

Ready for an unfiltered conversation about the realities of motherhood with the queen of real herself? We are honored to have speaker, writer and founder of Not Safe for Mom Group (nsfmg), Alexis Barad Cutler on the podcast. Not Safe For Moms Group is a stigma-free digital space and real-life community where women express and explore raw feelings about motherhood without fear of judgement. She explains how she realized she was an exhibitionist writer and how she stepped into that voice as a means of healing herself and others. She knew it was time to write what women were feeling but not saying. Alexis explores her own struggle with mental health, postpartum depression and how its informed the creation of her powerful and dynamic support community for mothers. We honor Alexis’s work and can’t wait for you to listen to today’s episode!  – via beyond

Click below to listen to the full episode:

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