21-Day Guide to Pregnancy (& Beyond)

nsfmg blog post 21-Day Guide to Pregnancy (& Beyond)

21-Day Guide to Pregnancy (& Beyond)

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As the founder of Not Safe For Mom Group (nsfmg) and the moderator of hundreds of conversations with the folks that make up this community, I know that when we talk about pregnancy and childbirth (and everything after), we often feel overwhelmed and underprepared. Even with the many educational resources available, it is hard to know which ones to focus in on and to trust. Adding to that, the cultural conversation around birth can add pressure and confusion to an already challenging time. We may only be in the early stages of thinking about starting a family, yet be faced with opinions from friends and family about what type of birth is “best”. But birth is not a choose-your-own-adventure experience. It is one in which we can at best go in with intention, and an openness to the possibility that the journey may look different than how we had imagined. There is a difference, however, in being openminded but in the dark about those possibilities; and being open but aware of the myriad of ways birth could look like (from epidural, to unmedicated, to C-section, to water birth). This is why I am thrilled that Empowered Birth — an online course curated by Schuyler Grant, and hosted by Commune — is now available.

What is an Empowered Birth?

An Empowered Birth is one in which you are an active participant in your birth experience, wherever and however it unfolds — home, hospital, birthing center, or the car en route. With an Empowered Birth, you are making deliberate delivery choices and are communicating directly and effectively with your birthing team or medical providers. The Empowered Birth course provides a 21-Day holistic system of practices and teachings assembled from the world’s most respected pre and postnatal experts including: Elizabeth Bachner (midwife, founder of GraceFull Birthing), Erica Chidi Cohen (doula and cofounder of LOOM), Dr. Britta Bushnell, Kimberly Durdin (lactation expert), Shafia Monroe (doula, cultural competency educator) Schuyler Grant (and more) for a comprehensive guide to navigating childbearing, paired with 21 days of movement practice for pregnancy and early postpartum.

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