How to Go The Fuck to Sleep

nsfmg not safe for mom group blog post How to Go The Fuck to Sleep

The Top (nsfmg) Recommended Baby Sleep Books, Experts, and Gear

Alexis Barad-Cutler

When a Not Safe For Mom Group member asked for advice about what to do when her partner refused to participate when their baby got up in the middle of the night, we not only offered empathy — we shared some of our own tried and true ways of getting our babies to sleep. So while we may not have the answer to how to “convince” her partner to listen to her pleas for him to share in the labor of caregiving, maybe we can help her find ways of putting Baby back to sleep a little more easily. Or — better yet — to help Baby sleep through the night (so she doesn’t need her partner’s “help”). It’s advice that all moms of kids who go “mom!” (or whatever the equivalent is in baby language) in the night could use. Scroll through the thumbnails below, and read on for the NSFMG recommended sleep experts, books, websites, and more:


“Their gentle method saved me!”

— M.

“Looks at sleep as a whole over baby’s development.”

— K.

“I followed the schedule but still went with what Baby needed.”

— A.

“The “pause” from Bringing Up Bebe worked like a charm for Baby #1, and praying it does for Baby #2.”

— M.

“This book pertains to everything.”

— D.

“Best summation of ALL sleep science and techniques.”

— P.

“Twelve hours by 4 months! Very little cry-it-out!”

— R.

“This saved me when baby was 5 months!”

— A.

The sleep consultants:

“Hire a sleep consultant to have a neutral third party”

— H.

“Bonne Nuit Baby is AMAZING. They helped us gently sleep train our tenacious 1 year old.”

— K.

“ changed our lives and its all in email and phone so it is affordable.”

— K.

“This site is so helpful and has great resources on her IG.”

— A.

“So much good advice provided freely outside her paid programs.”

The gear:

Other Philosophies and Methods:

  • Dr. James McKenna’s research : Mother-Baby Behavioral Sleep Laboratory Studies on biologically normal healthy infant sleep and co-sleeping.

“Tribeca pediatrics has some great info. And you can do it over the weekend so you can take naps!”

— L.

“Earlier bedtime (6-7pm) is a game changer! Plus, a predictable daytime routine”

— E.

“Following the EASY routine during the day: Eat Activity Sleep You (mama time)”

— E.

“Music and cuddle first are what was truly effective for my daughter.”

— J.

Did any of the above methods work for you? What is/was your go-the-fuck-to-sleep go-to? Share in Comments below!

Featured image: Promotional photo for Figaro Desire Machine, Rotterdamse Schouwburg by Isolde Wousdtra.

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