GIVEAWAY: Win a Custom Portrait of Your Motherhood Moment

nsfmg not safe for mom group blog post GIVEAWAY: Win a Custom Portrait of Your Motherhood Moment

by Artist Guady Pleskacz

Win a custom portrait of yourself in a “moment” of motherhood that you would like to capture and remember, by NSFMG member and artist, Guady Pleskacz.


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  2. Comment with a description of the moment in motherhood you would like to capture in a portrait. It doesn’t have to be a perfect moment, or an ideal moment, or THE defining moment of your motherhood experience. It just has to be one moment that means something to you.

  3. For extra chances to win, fill out this form, below!

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Name (First and Last)

Look at what Guady did with my portrait below. When this photo was taken, I was feeling guilty for not being present for my youngest, because I am a working mom. It was around Valentine’s Day, and he had written me a card that I had taken to heart in the worst of ways. Something about how I didn’t pick him up very often from school. But then looking at this photo of the two of us, it helped me recognize that when we are together, we have really special moments. It doesn’t take away the guilt completely, but it does allow me to hold both feelings of “yes, I am a good mom,” and “yes, I also feel guilty sometimes” next to each other. Sometimes the bad overpowers the good, but most of the time, I try to not let it. Holding this image in my head helps.

 Guady’s Version

Guady’s Version



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