How to Love A Mom Bod

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Plus 5 Not Safe Quotes Of The WeEK

Written by The Editor

If you haven’t noticed, I’m figuring this all out as I go along. Every week, I see and feel NSFMG evolving and growing (in however small increments) in ways that make me feel proud of what I’ve created, and also in over my head. Don’t get me wrong — it’s not like I’m drowning in newsletter subscribers or Instagram followers. But that’s not where the success of the site lies, in my opinion. This community of women has been inspiring me with their willingness to open up some of the more secret, sacred thoughts and parts of their lives. Mostly, members are doing this anonymously, and what I’ve come to realize in hosting and creating this space is that that’s OK, too.

A voice in the dark can be reassuring in its detachment from the story of the person behind it; less distracting. Simply knowing that there is a “someone else” who is enduring a parallel struggle, can be enormously comforting.  

This week, Mom Group talked a lot about body confidence, self love, and our feelings about our bodies. I decided to hit the #selflove topic from a different angle than you might usually see it talked about elsewhere. Women are often encouraged to love the hell out of our bodies just as they are, and taught that there are proscribed ways to do that. I also posed to the group whether the Self Love movement leaves room for the idea of self improvement, or wanting to modify one’s body. Does wanting to change your body to fit into a culturally agreed upon ideal (whatever your culture happens to be), take you out of the Self Love game?  I think it is more complex than that, and many Mom Group members seemed to feel similarly.

Here are 5 quotes that I loved, on the topic of Body Love, from Mom Group members:

“We live in a culture in which people feel entitled to enjoy looking at us, and we learn to internalize that gaze and also inflict it on others. For my own part, I am trying to relearn how to understand my body through it’s experience of the world rather than through a performance that I do for others.”

“I think knowing (and believing) our worth is not dependent on our physicality — truly loving ourselves where we are while simultaneously striving to be our healthiest self, is the golden ticket.”

“I think we can (self) love ourselves through the journey of self improvement. Being your best self looks different to each of us.”

— Jenny Greenstein, of Your Soul Style

“I am proud of the family I made and I love what I am doing with my life, and I also want to fit in this dress because it makes me feel great. It’s a complex, ever-changing feeling.”

“Sometimes I just get in front of the mirror with my bra and (always ill-fitting) underwear on, and MAKE MYSELF say HOT DAMN. I gained back the 40 + pounds I once lost BUT I know I’m beautiful, and sexy, and worthy. Also, my body carried 3 gigantic babies, even 2 at a time so I’m proud of this mofo.”

Loving a Mom Bod isn’t easy. We all have different ways, and tools available to us. I’m glad we have each other, and this community to share our thoughts and ideas with one another.

I am also very grateful, for pasta, and will never give it up. Carb-free life style peeps, we need to have a talk. But that’s for another day.

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